Areas of Practice

Elder Law

With the New York population aging, individuals and families need to focus on advanced planning with regard to wills, retirement health care and estate planning. We help families with their advanced directives to fulfill their needs and desires, notably last wills and testaments, irrevocable or revocable trust, durable powers of attorney, healthcare proxies, and living wills. To assist you with these decisions and these plans, Craig takes an individual approach in providing both legal advice and planning but also offering comfort and support during times of crisis. He personally guides his clients through all of the processes from consultation to guardianship proceedings to Surrogate Court probate or administrations. The Meltzer Law Firm has the experience and expertise to assist you in both your short term and long-term planning. Give him a call to arrange for a consultation.

Real Estate Transactions

The Meltzer Law Firm has represented its clients on countless transactions over a broad spectrum of residential and commercial matters. Our clients include individuals, developers, co-operative and condominium boards, institutional lenders, and public and private businesses, both large and small. We provide a personal touch in educating our clients at each step of the transaction from start to finish. Drafting of purchase and sale agreements; Reviewing cooperative and condominium financials and contracts; Reviewing offering plans in cooperative transactions; Reviewing and providing your information as to the existing real estate taxes, unpaid water charges and HPD liens against the property; Review of the records in multifamily transactions, of the records at the Division of Housing and Community renewal to determine if apartment buildings and apartments are property registered and whether individual apartments are rent stabilized, rent controlled or free rent apartments; Ordering and reviewing a title report to insure that all Housing and Building, Fire department and Housing Preservation and Development Violations are cleared. Reviewing of the title report to insure that all liens, judgments and other encumbrances against the property are removed prior to closing. Review of the Truth in Lending disclosure documents and the lending institution documents to insure that they are in compliance with the terms set forth in your loan commitment. Review of your loan commitment from the lender. Preparing a closing statement providing the adjustments of the real estate taxes, water charges and incorporating the purchase price, down payment and lender costs and fees to provide an accurate representation of your closing transaction. In condominium & cooperative transactions the office reviews the financial documents and the offering plans of the entity. Attending the closing of title and reviewing all documents. Answering any issues after closing of title. Handle special real estate situations including coop and condominium offering plan preparation and filing, Shoring Agreements, Party Wall and boundary agreements, Short Sales, Reverse mortgages, 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges, zoning, inclusionary housing certificates and commercial leasing. All of the above are complex and intricate details and are necessary to insure you’re your interest are protected. Our experience and expertise is handling your individual needs and addressing each aspect of the transaction are critical to insuring you get what you bargained for and avoid any pitfalls. In Craig Meltzer you get a seasoned professional who will protect your interest and guide you through all aspects of your transaction. Call The Meltzer Law firm for a consultation.

Asset Transfers

Without an Estate Plan to properly plan for asset distribution and tax planning the Laws of the State of New York will determine major decisions for you. That is why it is imperative for individuals and families to control and plan for the distribution of their wealth and assets during their lives and afterwards. That requires planning, discussions and artful drafting. Craig provides his clients with all of that in a private, thoughtful and informative manner. He helps with personal planning and wealth transfer, estate and tax planning, preparation of wills & trusts, durable powers of attorney, advance health care directives, business succession planning, probate proceedings, administration of trusts & estates, and surrogate’s court matters in the five boroughs of Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester.

Expert Guidance For New York Business Transactions

Many factors contribute to the structure and success of a business. The Law Firm of Craig Meltzer we are experts in helping you structure the business and achieve your specific goals while protecting your interest. From the initial entity selection to the creation of bylaws to drafting the appropriate agreements — we take the time to listen to your needs and tailor documents to achieve your goals. Our legal services are beneficial no matter at what stage your business is in, from formation to dissolution. We have incorporated many business organizations, including corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies. We have also assisted foreign business organizations to obtain authority from the New York State Department of State to do business in New York. We are experienced in drafting by-laws and operating agreements which address the rights between owners of a business and will oversee stock issuance, shareholder meetings and corporate books and records to ensure compliance with applicable rules and regulations.

Experience Dedication and Compassion

Since 1985, the Firm of Craig Meltzer, has handled business transactions from small to large size entities all throughout the five Boroughs of New York. Our extensive experience in negotiating agreements in business, real estate and business secession have helped many clients achieve both their present goals while planning for their future.

Helping You Choose The Right Entity

The Law Firm of Craig Meltzer has extensive experience in business transaction and tax matters. This experience will help you choose an entity geared toward protecting your interest both today and in the future. We are experienced in guiding our clients, based on their specific set of circumstances, to determine if the entity should be an LLC, partnership, corporation or the entity should have a different structure and whether it should be formed in New York or in a different state.

Expert Legal Representation and Tailored Personalized Service

We at the firm of Craig Meltzer do not take a cookie cutter approach to our representation of business clients. We know your business is unique and your needs are specific. Our representation takes the time to analyze your needs and tailor a plan that is specific to your needs to address your business objectives both currently and into the future.