“I recently had a closing with Craig Meltzer involving a condominium in Manhattan and found him to be knowledgeable and an expert in his field. He was a true advocate for his client. With many years of experience he was able to negotiate a problem which came up at the closing which could have caused it to adjourn. In my dealing with Mr. Meltzer and his office I have seen the detail and expertise that Mr. Meltzer uses to protect his client’s rights and to facilitate the closing transaction. On this deal their was an issue of adjoining parcels encroaching on the purchaser’s property. He deal with the other attorney in a professional manner while getting his client the right results. I would highly recommend Mr. Meltzer if you are involved in a residential or a commercial real estate transaction. His expertise and experience will save you money and insure that you are protected and all aspects of the transaction are properly addressed resulting in a smooth closing and proper representation of your rights.”
~ Glenn

“I was recently involved in a transaction with Craig Meltzer and was very impressed by his service and his ability to navigate all the issues from the contract to the closing. He was very easily understood and attempted to educate and guide us thru the process. He picked up issues that we did not even think about while purchasing a condominium. He was also great at negotiating the terms of the deal, keeping us informed as to the process and protecting our interest even at the closing table where he argued our interest and got the results that we had requested. I highly recommend Craig Meltzer to someone that is going to purchaser a residential condominium in Manhattan.”
~ Rob