Trusts for Special Needs Children

If you are a parent of a child with special needs, you devote much time and effort to ensuring their welfare, safety and health of the child. It is very critical to plan if something should happen to you. There are steps that you can take now, to protect the well being of the special-needs child and your other loved ones. This requires careful planning.

We are experienced in situations with special-needs children and will take very careful steps to insure that your loved ones are protected. We can protect your assets from judgment creditors and lien-holders during your lifetime to insure that your assets are not depleted and your children’s inheritance is protected.

An accident or other catastrophe could happen which would subject you to a judgment which could attack your assets and deplete them. If this were to happen and you had not properly planned, your special-needs assets would be depleted.

In addition, every aspect of the planning is critical. The wrong estate plan or trust could impact the special-needs child from qualifying for Medicaid assistance and your assets would be depleted unnecessarily.

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